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Bodi’Milk-All Day Hydration for all skin types and ages. From 1 to 101 you will find Bodi`Milk as your go to skin care favorite.

Promotes Smooth Feet and Smooth Skin

Alleviates Dryness and aids in managing eczema

Mango & Coconut base infused with all an all natural botanical formula for all day hydration.

Bodi`Milk is excellent for:

Eczema relief, dry scaly skin, creap skin, brightens and brings dull tattoos back to life, restores elasticity to sagging skin, relief after sun exposure.  Bodi`Milk is so versatile it can be used as a leave in hair moisturizing conditioner.

A one time application.

Can be used from head to toe

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2 0z, 50 ML, 8 0z Scented

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