Massage Therapy

All Massage Therapy Sessions include complementary Aromatherapy

60 Min Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is designed to relax muscles by a trained professional

CBD Herbal Massage

We are providing the option to add CBD massage cream to any massage.

60 Min Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage relieves muscle aches and pains through manipulation

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes


Smooth stones heated and lubricated with essential oils.

60 Min Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage is a type of massage therapy

Oasis Skincare Services

Oasis Hydrating Facial

Provides innovative bodywork and geared toward the needs of athletics

Acne Facial

Our Signature Dead Sea Mask  is an alternative treatment designed to treat the root cause of acne with minimal side effects. 

Gentlemen Only

A deep-clarifying, purifying and hydrating treatment designed to address the specific needs of men’s skin.

45 Min Anti-Aging Facial

A facial designed to nourish, lift,  tighten & tone and energize aging skin


In order to maximize your time, 

Please complete 24 hours prior to your visit

Why we Require Intake Forms:  Disclosing information about medical conditions on a spa intake form is extremely important, especially in the case of allergies. Many spas use a wide assortment of ingredients in their products, and they do not want their clients to get sick or uncomfortable while receiving spa services. By being aware of your allergies, our spa staff can make recommendations or adjust treatments accordingly. Other conditions may be exacerbated by certain spa treatments, and it is helpful for therapists to be aware of health problems like diabetes, heart conditions, circulatory problems, and so forth. Pregnancy is another medical condition which should be disclosed, as pregnant clients require special care.
Spas ask their clients to fill out these forms partially for self-protection, and partially to ensure that their clients are well served. Spas protect themselves by making it clear that they are not liable for damages or injuries which may be caused by a spa visit, especially if a medical problem results from an undisclosed condition. Many massage therapists and spa staff also like to be aware of information about medical conditions, previous surgeries, and so forth, so that they can tailor a treatment to a client’s body. It is also a good idea to discuss concerns and physical limitations directly with a massage therapist.

Note:  Expectant Mothers require special care when receiving prenatal massage or spa services during pregnancy. 

Massage Intake Form

Foot Detox Intake Form

Facial Intake Form

V-Yoni Steam Intake



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Upper lip

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Full Face

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Full Body Wax Service


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Bikini Wax

From $40.00
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Brazilian Wax (Female)

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